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Departures: ODA Debuts Tetris-Inspired Project in Chelsea

October 21, 2020

"One of my favorite design elements is the stone," said Serhant. "We found this incredible Brazilian marble for the kitchen countertops, and they're this cool black and white stone. I haven't seen it in a new development because it's expensive."

He added, "I have to give credit to the developer's willingness to break with convention and think outside the box." Those developers are Gemini Rosemont, who is known for preserving the infamous rat race Banksy work on the clock from the previous structure on the site.

"There are only a few developers and architects in the world that are doing architecturally significant projects that make buyers realize they're not just buying real estate, they're buying art," said Serhant. "Especially in this market, people want to make sure if they're going to buy something, they're buying something that'll be significant forever."